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When I started Computer Geeks in 2004, I knew we had to be different. We needed to do extraordinary things for clients if we were going to stand out in the overcrowded field of outsourced IT.​

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Understanding that every business has different needs

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Computer Geeks will perform an on-site audit of all server, workstation and network hardware. Using an automated process, we will create an entry in our management database for each workstation and server you intend to have us manage. This will allow us to gather critical information on each. At this time, we will also assign a unique identifier to each PC for future reference and work order tracking. All trouble calls will be tracked using the ID we assign. In addition, we will use the audit activities to verify absence or presence as well as the status of virus protection software across your practice. Virus protection is provided in all of our managed services.



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For each backup set, SAFE Backup client agents by default will use a 256-bit AES full length randomized key to as the encryption key to encrypt the backup data. It will be the strongest encryption key that is unhackable even by nowadays super computers.


Offsite backup is a must for your sensitive data and applications. To ensure your data is restored and available, your backup data must also be secure, compliant, and verified. Our fully encrypted, enterprise-class offsite backup and recovery solution provides the ultimate protection.


Our Backup Agent software is compatible with all of your data.  We have all applications covered no matter what software you use.


Offsite Backups

advanced client-server based on-premises and cloud backup solution

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